Sailaja N. Joshi

The Large Mug List.

So, this isn’t my bucket list. Its my Large Mug List aka the things I plan on accomplishing while I’m unemployed. I find goal making and tracking to be very satisfying (hence why you should hire me!).

  • Get Thesis Proposal Approved (4th draft turned in)
  • Attend one academic lecture a month that is not in my area of interest (in progress)
  • Get a marketing research internship (in progress)
  • Do an ethnography about Polaroid Corporation
  • Continue to widen my circle of CCO/Cultural-Consumer Anthropologist (in progress)
  • Get my yoga teacher training certification (in progress)
  • Learn how to knit socks (in progress)
  • Take a Polaroid picture every day (need a sponsor for this project!)
  • Start up my philanthropy project
  • Launch my own business
  • Record my grandmother’s stories of how she grew up
  • Set up websites for charity organizations that I’m a part of
  • Visit Germany
  • Learn how to make Kaisespetzele
  • Learn how to make Maultauchen
  • Start my Vintage Amar Chitra Katha Collection (Thanks Mom!!)
  • Become a Green family (in progress)
  1. I love goals! I wrote about short term goals twice already and I think it’s THE key to keeping yourself sane while unemployed.

  2. […] get myself back into my happy mood that I had earlier in the day.  I also checked out my friend Sailaja’s blog and found it interesting that we both wrote about things we have or plan to accomplish while we are […]

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